Adam Stokes

Competitive Marketing Strategy

Las Vegas Law Firm Created a Niche with Tourists

LAS VEGAS, March 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The slogan: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” has found its way into pop culture, everyday speech and almost every TV show about Las Vegas.  This effective slogan for selling Las Vegas to potential tourists is a bit of myth.  The reality is thousands of tourists come to Las Vegas to act crazy and end up leaving with legal problems following them.

Las Vegas visitors get busted for everything from DUI (driving under the influence), speeding, soliciting illegal prostitutes, drugs, drunken fights, etc.  

The law firm, Half Price Lawyers, has created quite a niche and presence in Las Vegas for both residents and visitors alike.  The firm’s marketing campaign has ensured that no matter where you are in the Las Vegas valley, you can’t miss seeing the hundreds of eye-catching billboards, bus signs, electronic flip signs and hearing radio spot after radio spot with memorable jingles.  Half Price Lawyers has a rapidly growing clientele from outside cities including New York, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, Jacksonville and Los Angeles due to previous visits to Las Vegas.

“No matter where people live, when people search for ‘half price lawyers,’ they think of us if they’ve been to Las Vegas,” said Half Price Lawyers Firm Co-founder and Attorney Adam Stokes.  “I founded the firm in May 2009 and strive to flood the city with my strategically placed advertising and catchy jingles.  I had to nearly quadruple my office space and add well over 20 employees within the first year of opening my doors.”    

While almost everyone has heard, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” it does not imply it stays out of a Las Vegas courtroom.  When visitors have pending charges against them, such as DUI, it has to be resolved in court before they can leave it behind; and Half Price Lawyers has become an easily accessible law firm for visitors’ legal problems.  Once they get home they can consult with Half Price Lawyers and pay through phone, fax, email and website.

Adam Stokes, Esq. co-founded Half Price Lawyers in 2009.  Stokes’ previous ventures were two of the largest firms in Nevada.  After divesting himself of those businesses, and still in his 30s, he took an early retirement in 2007 with his wife and law partner, Christine. Half Price Lawyers handles a broad range of legal services: personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, immigration law, family law, business law, traffic tickets and soon IRS/tax problems.  For more information about “affordable access to legal services,” visit or call (702)-400-0000.