Competitive Marketing Strategy

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Adam built three of the largest volume law firms in Las Vegas, the most competitive legal market anywhere. These Companies target consumer groups with a dozen legal services at differing price points through particularly appealing brands. They represented over 100,000 clients from all 50 states and are recognized by the Cabot 50 dragons slot American Bar Association Journal and by the Bungo-Takada-shi paradise win casino bonus codes USPTO as unique competitive strategies.

Winning Strategies

Billboard, Radio, TV and Website Examples

  • Half Price Lawyers Jingle (Written by Adam) & :30 Services Advertisement
  • Combination of TV, Billboard, Bus, Jingle into :30 Spot
  • Personal Injury 30 TV: Adam Stokes & 444-4444
  • Injury Loans Full D2
  • :30 Various - $100 Down Friendliest Payments in Town. Low Price Guarantee and Consultation Free
  • " :30 TV "Don't Pay too Much" HPL"
  • :15  Experienced Family Lawyer on Your Side. Call Before Your Spouse Does!
  • CBS TV Interview Royal Wedding Prenuptial Agreements
  • Spanish :30 TV HPL With Buss And Jingle Espanol
  • (Half Price Lawyers TV) Adam Speeking. 900K Results
  • Low Budget First Ever TV Commercial
  • Injury Loans Jingle
  • WhatsApp Image 2020-04-13 at 7.43.58 AM
  • Advertising That Delivers
  • Injury Lawyer V2
  • How Customers Move Process Faster
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  • 3

National Recognition

888 poker update Sukagawa American Bar Association Journal Story

Rival lawyers may snicker when they see ads for Half Price Lawyers, a discount legal services firm run by Las Vegas attorney Adam Stokes. “They love us or they hate us,” says Stokes, a serial entrepreneur with a penchant for taking the cost out of business operations.

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